Our Strategies & Policies

At our organization, we recognize the ever-evolving nature of our work and the importance of adapting to the changing landscape of our sector. In order to ensure that we remain aligned with the latest developments, we consistently develop and update our policies and strategies.
In addition to addressing immediate needs and ad hoc challenges, we maintain a forward-looking approach. This is reflected in our long-term strategies, which outline our goals and ambitions that serve as guiding principles for our daily activities.

Building Resilience – REHA Strategy Paper 2023

This strategy paper outlines our vision and roadmap for building resilience in the face of emerging challenges. It sets forth our strategic priorities, objectives, and action plans to strengthen our organization’s effectiveness and impact.

Our Gender Policy

Our Gender Policy underscores our commitment to gender equality and inclusion. It outlines our approaches and measures to promote gender mainstreaming, address gender-based disparities, and ensure equal opportunities for all individuals.

Our Procurement Policy

The Procurement Policy establishes transparent, accountable, and ethical practices for REHA’s procurement processes. It outlines guidelines for sourcing goods and services, vendor selection, contract management, and compliance with relevant regulations and best practices.